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If there’s one character that lives in my head rent-free, it’s Chris Evans’ character, Ransom Drysdale, in Knives Out. Yes, he’s supposed to be the villain, but in the competition for my heart, he’s the hero. Chris Evans, clean shaved, in a camel coat? My heart be still. His wardrobe is impeccable throughout the entire movie, but the outfit that stole the entire movie? His cable knit sweater ensemble.  custom made hoodies

28 Cable Knit Sweaters We Want to Live In | The Everygirl

There are few bad things to say about a cable knit sweater. They’re the embodiment of a cozy, chilly day in a piece of clothing, go with anything, and just give some type of energy that a regular sweater can’t. This season, cable knit sweaters are available in abundance, and we’re taking it as a queue to stock up on all the styles and variations we can get our hands on—in honor of Chris Evans, of course.

28 Cable Knit Sweaters We Want to Live In | The Everygirl

custom zip up hoodies Ready to join the movement? Here are 28 cable knit pieces that we want to live in all winter long.